About me
Me, myself and I
I am a MSc student in Computer Science and Engineering at Técnico, University of Lisbon and I am currently working in my Master's Thesis at the MLKD group, INESC-ID. I am interested in developing agents that can efficiently solve complex tasks while being robust to perceptual changes through interaction with the environment and learning good perceptual representations. Some of my current topics of interest in Machine Learning are: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, and Self-Supervised Learning.
I play golf since I was 8 years old. I am bad at Blender. Sometimes I take photos. And I really like to watch movies and listen to music.
Movies I like
Lost in Translation
Blade Runner
Blade Runner: 2049
Spirited Away
Albums I like
Ok Computer
Kid A
In Rainbows
Sound of Silver
Wish you were here